Welcome to Nuernberg, exchange students! ...


... or as the locals say: Herzlich willkommen! We wish you an unforgettable stay in our city and a fruitful time at our university.

Exchange students are more than welcome to participate in any and all of our courses, as long as you have the necessary language abilities. In order to make your course selection easier, we can distinguish between the types of courses we offer as follows:

Bachelor-Seminar (5 ECTS): Beginner level seminars, including an introduction into how to research and write a term paper. Calculation of grade: 1/3 for a presentation, 2/3 for an essay of approx. 10-12 pages.

Master-Seminar (5 ECTS): Intermediate to advanced level seminar. Calculation of grade: 1/3 for a presentation, 2/3 for a term paper of approx. 18-20 pages.

Vorlesung (Vorl) (5 ECTS): Lecture course. Written exam at end of term.

Please refer to our "Guidelines for the preparation of term papers" for detailed information about layout, footnote and bibliographical requirements for term papers.

Please be aware that exchange students are expected to meet the same requirements as all other students. This includes fulfilling the language requirements, regardless of whether the course is offered in German or in English. You must be able to adequately follow lectures, give presentations, participate in discussion, write term papers and exams, etc., in the language of instruction. You are also, of course, welcome to audit a course, in which case no credits can be awarded, but a certificate of participation can be issued.

Regular attendance is required for all seminars; a maximum of two absences is permissible. Please note that attendance at the first session of seminars is mandatory; if you cannot attend for a valid reason, please contact the instructor in advance so that we can assign you a presentation topic. We also ask that you do not add or drop the course after the second session, as this creates confusion in the assignment of presentations, which are normally done in pairs.

Please register for all courses in which you would like to participate, whether actively or on an audit basis, via StudOn beginning at midnight on March 24, 2017. Since participant numbers are limited in the seminars, we will have waiting lists; it is therefore also important that you de- register, should you change your mind and not wish to participate for any reason.

Course offering for Summer Term 2017 (FG = Findelgasse, LG = Lange Gasse, language of instruction German unless otherwise specified, all courses begin the week of October 17:

Die Entwicklung des internationalen Systems (Developments in the international System) (in English) (Vorl, beginner level, with tutorial), Thursday, 11.30-13.005h, Room FG 0.015.

Globalisierung und ihre Kritik: Handelspolitik unter Trump (Bach-Sem), block seminar, first session Wednesday, April 26, 16.45-18.15h, Room FG 3.023.

Einführung in ausgewählte Aspekte der Weltwirtschaft (Bach-Sem), Thursday, 16.45-18.15h, Room FG 3.023.

Chinas Energiepolitik: die Rolle der USA und der WTO (Bach-Sem), block seminar, first session Friday, May 5, 11.00-12.30, Room LG 2.429.

Europäisierung & Globalisierung), block seminar, first session Wednesday, April 26, 18.30-19.30h, Room FG 1.036.

60 Years of European Union (lecture series in English/German), Wednesday, 18.30-20.00h, Room FG 0.016. In cooperation with the Chair for International Business and Society Relations (Prof. Gardini). First Session on May 3.

Issues in Area Studies (Ma-Sem, in English), block seminar, first session Wednesday, April 26, 14.15-15.00h, Room FG 0.016.

Advanced Industrial Countries and Emerging Market Economies (Ma-Sem, in English), block seminar, first session Wednesday, April 26, 13.15-14.00h, Room FG 0.016.